Saint Thomas Rutherford Hospital Volunteer Program

Saint Thomas Rutherford Hospital is proud of the service its 100-plus active volunteers provide for our patients and families.  Volunteers are a vital part in helping to create a warm and friendly environment.  They are present in every aspect of our organization, from greeting visitors at the information desks to visiting patients' bedside.  We have volunteers that provide transportation through our courtesy shuttle, assistance and delivery service for our gift shop, and assistance for families in our waiting rooms.  We also have volunteers that support staff with clerical and assembly detail.  No matter where our volunteers are, they enrich and live our mission of holistic care.

Employed or retired, college student or homemaker, there are opportunities available.
If you are looking for a meaningful place to contribute and feel part of a community, please join the Saint Thomas Rutherford Hospital Volunteer Program.

Volunteer Program Requirements

  • Completed Application - Click here to access application
  • Interview with Volunteer Coordinator
  • Background Check - Confidential check requested by the Volunteer Services Department
  • Health Screening- (provided through Employee Health) Proof of two negative TB tests prior to volunteering, proof of negative drug screening
  • Volunteer Orientation - Provided upon acceptance into the program
  • Service Hours Commitment - Hospital volunteers should be willing to commit 8 hours a month

Active Volunteer Benefits

  • Annual Tuberculosis screening
  • Free Flu vaccinations
  • Free meals in Saint Thomas Rutherford Hospital Cafeteria
  • Discount in Saint Thomas Rutherford Hospital Gift Shop
  • Discount at Wellness Center (terms apply)

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Nurse stations
  • Gift Shop
  • Shuttle Service
  • Pharmacy
  • Emergency Room greeters
  • Transport
  • Waiting Room greeters 

    Saint Thomas Rutherford Hospital services not located in the main hospital:
  • Cancer Center
  • Dispensary of Hope
  • Wellness Center

    Thank you for your interest in volunteer opportunities at Saint Thomas Rutherford Hospital. For additional information, please contact Lindsey Fournier at or 396-4693.